First Jobs for Teens to Help Them Learn the Value of Money

First Jobs for Teens to Help Them Learn the Value of Money

Teen mowing the lawn with an electric lawnmower

As a parent, you want your teen to learn the value of hard work and how to handle money. However, they need to earn some money before they learn how to manage it. With school and other commitments, it's hard for your teen to take a part-time job, but there are other ways to make money. Here are a few first jobs for teens that will help them make a little money on the side.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting will always be one of the first jobs for teens that is easy and adequately helps them make some cash. During the summer months and school holidays, families enjoy traveling and need someone to watch after their pets. Pet sitting can include walking a dog a couple of times of day, along with making sure the pup has clean water and food. Cats require less care than dogs, but your teen can expect to clean a litter box and play with the cats. Some of your neighbors may want someone to walk their dogs in the middle of the day while they're at work. During the summer and school holidays, your teen can pick up some extra money. As a bonus, you'll know your teen is getting a little extra exercise.


Your teen's school is more than likely on the same schedule as the elementary schools in your area. When these schools take a day off or a week at spring break, parents scramble to find someone to watch their kids. Your teen can step in and make some money. If your teen already babysits on the weekends, they can talk to the parents of the children they already watch to see if they need help. Your teen can put up an ad of social media to find a job too. Of course, the summer holidays are also a possibility for babysitting. However, that's a long-term commitment that you may need to discuss as a family, especially if you have summer vacation plans.

Tutoring Younger Children

Is your teen a math whiz or a science superstar? If so, they might be able to pick up a little cash by tutoring younger children. Teens that excel in science, math, English, and a foreign language can help others learn the material. Many parents hire tutors for a child struggling in a class. Your teen can offer their services to families in the neighborhood. Your teen might talk to the teacher in the class they excel in to see if the faculty knows of a student who is looking for a tutor. Tutoring allows your teen to pick up a little spending money and determine the number of hours that they can devote to it without it affecting their own school work.

Parent's Helper

Most stay-at-home moms and dads need a little extra help. A parent's helper varies from babysitting since the parent is at home. Your teen might be asked to entertain the children while the parent washes clothes, cook dinner, or do housework. Conversely, the teen might be asked to do the chores while the parent spends time with the children. Typically, the parent only needs someone for a couple of hours a day and a few days a week, making this a great part-time job for a teen with a lot of other commitments.

Yard Work

One of the first jobs for teens that is a little more physically demanding is yard work. Raking leaves, mowing grass, planting flowers, trimming hedges, and pulling weeds take a lot of work, and may homeowners look for someone to help them with these chores. On the weekends and early evening, your teen can pick up some extra money doing yard work around the neighborhood. You need to discuss with your teen if you're going to let them use your lawnmower and other equipment, or if they need to ensure the homeowner has everything they need to complete the job.

With a little thought and planning, your teen can pick up some extra money. This helps them learn the value of money and hard work.


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